Scents Women Love On Their Men

Davidoff cologne

Let’s face it, women can go crazy over a man’s scent. Whether you’ve got a hot date, or would like to attract that hot blonde colleague of yours from the office, investing in a good fragrance will make her cosy up to you.

When it comes to the rules of attraction, women follow their noses. No point looking all hot and buff if you stink of sweat. Below are five colognes you wouldn’t want to miss.

Davidoff’s The Game IS the game! As they say, life is a game, and you might as well play it with seduction with this fresh and manly scent. It’s a woody scent, which begins with the striking and effective note of sweet-smelling Jupiter berries, wrapped in Gin bubble accord for a burst of freshness. The heart note uncovers iris while the base note is a mix of suggestive vetiver and dark woods. Tempting and solid, The Game is a hands down champ!

Creed’s Royal Water is pure royalty with a hint of mint and freshness. Despite the fact that the top, center and base notes are not unique, citrus, peppermint, basil and musk, all work in a choir to give Royal Water its new and inspiring scent. Also, it is a long lasting day fragrance, appropriate for a man who loves to up his game smelling amazing! If you’re planning on attracting the ladies with your charm and foresight, this cologne will be your winning bet.

EL for menGuess’s Seductive Homme Blue is one of our top picks for colognes. This cologne is as enticing as its name. It’s a fresh scent that emanates a woody and musky aroma. The top notes of fiery cardamom and pink pepper are extremely conspicuous. As the fragrance advances on your skin, the centre notes of vanilla orchid, sandalwood and violets get to be predominant. The trail closes with golden, musk and patchouli notes. Hot and appealing, Guess Seductive will make your manliness go up several levels in her eyes.

Gucci’s Guilty is our next favourite. The extravagance and intricacy of this aroma will make your woman sprint straight to the room. Gucci Guilty is intertwined with the perfect measure of sweetness, woodiness and flavor to draw out the aspects of your masculinity. The scent opens with lavender and lemon, sufficiently leaving space for hints of citrus. Fundamental tones are upheld by woody concurs of cedar and patchouli. Flaunt it, fellas, you’ve got nothing to lose! For women, Gucci has a pretty decent range of perfumes too.

Last but not least, Armani’s Code. We consider this to be an exquisite and sophisticated fragrance. The primary notes that we readily recognize are the lemon, olive, and cowhide concurs. They are the most predominant notes on the skin. This is a suitable scent for the workplace, dates, and any other special events. One of the best fragrances from the Armani house. An extremely sexy smell which lasts ages on the skin.

With our 5 favorites above, pick one and you can never go wrong. It’s better to smell like any of the colognes above than to have nothing on but smell like body odors which is a huge turn off.